There are two main types of people that we get calls from on a regular basis. One is the person who is usually proactive and wants to make sure that every aspect of his home or other property is working perfectly fine. This person can usually detect minor situations and get them fixed before they turn into major problems. Then there is the person who calls us when they already have a major issue on their hands that they need us to come and fix. We don’t discriminate against any of our clients, but we do recommend that just like visiting your doctor every now and then for a routine check-up you get DeSoto’s Top Rated Foundation Repair Company to come in and give your property a look. Our estimates are free anyways and around 30% of the time we honestly find no issues with your property!

About Us

At DeSoto Foundation Repair we are a company fully committed to providing the best foundation repairs in the area. We understand how important it is for your property and your family to be able to sleep sound at night having the certainty that your home won’t come crumbling down any time soon! We are there if you need us in a routine check-up as well as dire situations where major damage may have been done to the property. We have been able to stay on top as Foundation Repair Specialists for many, many years and we are keen on making the streak continue!

We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
  • Family owned and operated
  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • On-Site Job Supervision
  • References Available
  • 45+ years of experience
  • No Money Down
  • No Interest Or Payments for 18 Months
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Free Foundation Repair Estimates
  • Chamber of Commerce member

Our Services

We have a team that is ready to tackle all sorts of issues when it comes to foundation repair, floor cracks, drainage repair, among others! Although we may not feel a lot of earthquakes around these parts we still have to keep in mind that the ground shifts constantly. When you add that to the fact that some buildings around the area have been standing for a couple of decades you just never know what could happen without proper maintenance in routine check-ups. If you begin to see cracks in your floors, or if your home gets flooded very easily during even mild rain showers the problem may be literally deeper than you may think! Call in the experts and we will come into asses the situation.

DeSoto Foundation Repair

Root Barrier

If you are passionate about landscaping or actually work in the agricultural business you know the importance of doing your best to allow plants and concrete urban structures to co-inhabit. These days we need as many trees and plants as we can have around to help generate better oxygen levels, especially in urban areas. We don’t want their roots being a problem for our concrete structures and disturbing living spaces. For that reason, we provide root barrier installation and maintenance.

Concrete Slab Repair

Although concrete is quite a tough cookie to crack it can crack over time or due to very hard impacts on the ground. It can be a huge problem especially in warehouses or places that work with equipment. These cracks can usually be repaired quickly by applying seals in the cracks and not allowing them to develop any further. This is quite a quick and easy fix and it will have the area available for service again in a short period of time. Repairing all your concrete slabs by sealing them off may be a mistake. As the issue may have deeper roots than you may have initially realized. This can lead to bigger problems down the road if they are not treated correctly. Don’t risk the possibility of having your workplace uninhabitable for months. If you have an issue call the experts right away!

Drainage Repair

Water needs to flow through a property cleanly and efficiently through any type of property to avoid any potential issues. One of the most important is the health and safety of the people actually using these living spaces. You won’t want dirty water leaking back into your home or having it mix with the clean water that is flowing in! Drains in some areas where installed many, many years ago. This makes them more likely to break or just overall not work properly just based on the fact that they have been in service for such a long time. If you are seeing an excess amount of moisture in parts of your home, leaks, or flooding, then you may have a drainage issue. We can come in and help make things right again!

Pier & Beam Repair

Pier and beam foundations are usually made of steel or cement foundations that are installed underneath the wooden floors or walls in a home. This is very common in houses that have basements or any other type of underground area. Most homeowners don’t even know if their home has this type of foundation. Let alone when they could have an issue with it. The most common signs of a potential issue is if you start seeing that your floors seem to be sinking in.

Commercial Grade Repairs

We’ve touched upon this a little bit in some of our other services. Commercial Warehouses where heavy machines and vehicles are constantly riding in and out come under a lot more stress than many other floors. We understand that having to repair your floors or foundation can mean not only having to pay for repairs, but also losing money in the process because of low productivity. We are experts in fixing work spaces, we will work with you to try and affect your companies’ daily routine as least as we can. Call as soon as you have an issue though to make sure that the problem doesn’t spread to other areas of your workplace!

Free Estimate

We can deploy a team of experts to your location and run a check-up at no cost to you! We provide a free estimate services to all sorts of clients. Around 30% of the time our experts literally find no issue at all with your foundation. We will report that back to you and let you go back to business as usual!

I run a moving truck business. We get trucks and heavy equipment in and out of our warehouses all of the time. I rely on DeSoto Foundation Repair to come in and check my warehouses from time to time and to fix any issues I have with my concrete floors. This keeps my business running smoothly. Fully professional company and easy to work with! - Fernando B

A friend recommended that I call DeSoto Foundation Repair. They came and checked out my entire home until they found the issue. Sadly a lot of the damage was already done! I recommend that people get their homes checked out before it’s too late, and I would also recommend the guys at DeSoto Foundation Repair! - Susan B

My drain literally broke and you can just imagine the kind of things that were coming out! I quickly called DeSoto Foundation Repair and they were able to help right away get things back to normal. Fully professional company thanks for helping out! - Kim Y

Contact Us For More Info

If you think that you may be experiencing a foundation issue, or want to make sure that everything is ok then, call or contact us today. Our customer service agents will ask you a couple of questions regarding the service that you may be needing and we will set up an appointment to get a team of professionals deployed to your location. If you are experiencing an emergency situation we can make sure to get you help quickly!