Free Estimate

At DeSoto Foundation Repair we have a free estimate pledge to our customers that we have kept since the very first days our company was in business. What does it entail you ask? Well, just as you would imagine we can send a team of experts to evaluate your situation and give you a quote on how much we think repairs would cost. We provide this service absolutely free! 20 to 30% of the time we get calls to come in and evaluate a potential foundation problem we really can’t find a problem at all! In those instances, our team reports back to the person who called in to tell them that they have no potential foundation issue that we could find. Then they get on the truck and head back to base without it costing you a penny!

How Do We Handle Slab Repair?

One of the best questions that we get when it comes to slab repair is how we calculate costs. Is it per crack, or do we do it by area? We usually calculate these cost by factoring the overall length of the crack that you need to be sealed or repaired. Another thing that factors in is the amount of seal or overall materials that we are going to need to use. If you have a couple of cracks that we would be tending to we could factor that in as well. Although we don’t recommend you wait until a couple of them pile up before you call us up!

Does The Free Estimate Apply For Companies?

We treat all of our customers and potential customers the same. Whether you are an individual seeking some form of home repair or the biggest enterprise DeSoto has ever seen our price doesn’t change. You can call us up and have one of your employees show us around so we can see exactly what you would need are services for. If you are looking for a full inspection we can also work that out. We only ask that you provide a permanent contact person that we would be working with. Having to call in, to your company and get different people answering all of the time only interferes with the work.

Am I Tied Down By The Free Estimate?

The fact that we have to clear this point up is actually quite sad! We understand though that there are some companies across all sorts services that tell you they have a free anything only to have that free service hold you down for a bigger fix that you’d then be liable to pay. We are a legitimate business, not a scam! When we say it’s free it’s free!

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Did this mini Q&A solve your doubts? If not you can always call or contact us and have one of our customer service representatives look at your case directly. If on the other hand, you think you’ve figured out what you need to know then call us any way to get a team of our best guys sent to you!

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