Pier & Beam Repair


We’ve gotten plenty of calls that sound a lot like this: “Yeah, hi I think I may have a foundation issue! Why is that sir? Well, for starters I can literally feel may floor sinking!” Feeling like your floor is literally being pulled out from under you can be quite a scary experience. Over the years we’ve received plenty of distress calls where people reasonably freaked out tell us they may have a foundation issue. This is actually one of the few times people call us directly since it is evident that there could be a foundation issue. Some of these issues are with what we call the pier and beam.

Pier & Beam Issues

Pier and beam systems are usually put in place when a home or building has a basement or room that is located below the surface. This is a system based on a number of pillars that are usually made of concrete or steel that are put in the ground and hold up the wooden structure above them. In short, they are what literally is holding your house or certain areas of it up right. If these issues are not tended to quickly the consequences can be disastrous.

What Can Cause These Issues?

There are two main causes of situations that will ultimately require a pier and beam repair service. Number one is just the normal wear and tear. Although these pillars are built from very strong and durable materials they can eventually wear down. In these cases, we would need to come in and find a way to reinforce the pillars or replace them outright. This can be a tricky process as we would literally need to insert equipment to make sure that your house remains standing while we repair all of these foundation issues!

Soil Movement Or Misplaced Pillars

The second issue could be even more complicated. If these systems were not properly installed the first time around it literally means that your entire home’s foundation may be at risk. If this is the case it will need to be fixed right away. We’ve constantly mentioned the fact that we really don’t get a lot of earthquakes in Texas, make no mistake about it though the ground is still constantly shifting. This could ultimately lead to your home needing a Pier and Beam Repair as well!

Don’t Ignore The Signs

We really can’t stress this enough, and it isn’t a marketing strategy it is just the facts! A failed foundation can have disastrous consequences. Not only could you lose your home outright, but your family’s safety could be at risk. At DeSoto Foundation Repair we are the to Affordable company in the area. We pride ourselves in that because we would never want a lack of funds to force you to put your family and home at risk. If you see abnormal shifts in your floors don’t hesitate to call or contact us today. We can come in and provide a free inspection!

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