Slab Repair

Concrete slabs are what we call the concrete floor that is placed on many venues to cover their flooring needs. It is usually a favorite way to cover warehouse floors, and it used in some driveways or parking lots. It is usually a very durable and reliable surface when it is placed correctly. Even then though, overstressing it by making it handle a lot of weight like when heavy machinery is placed on it can cause cracks and breaks in the surface. If the cracks are minor we can come in and quickly tend to them to make sure that they don’t grow larger and ultimately cause a huge crease on the ground.

Joint Reseal Repair

Just like bones concrete floors tend to be more sensitive along joint lines. Where two pieces of concrete were put together to form a bigger block. Sometimes these joints are a natural part of the building process. Other times they form when the ground cracks due to overstressing it or due to a shift below the surface. If the crack is not so big it can be easily fixed by applying a coat of semi-rigid joint sealant. This sealant can help smoothen out the area between the joints and block it from opening up any further. This process is usually a temporary fix that can be done quickly and have the path operating like normal in a couple of hours.

Full Joint Repair

We usually go with this option when the joint or crack has been re-sealed a number of times and is still getting bigger and bigger. This process is literally applying a new layer of concrete to the crack to try and rejoin the pieces together. We start out by evening out the concrete that may have become bumpy because of the cracks and the seal that was applied to cracks. Then way lay out the new layer and make sure that it is perfectly dry and ready to go before traffic can start back up.

Full Depth Dowelled Slab Repair

This is literally the next step in the line of repairs. When cracks keep forming around the same areas even after numerous reseals and joint repairs usually the problem is coming from beneath the surface. That is why in this case we open up the road a little bit more delve deeper into the foundation. Attempting to repair issues that most likely come from an error in the original layout of the concrete slab. This is what some people call a Foundation floor crack since it is originated at lower levels.

How Do I Know What I am Dealing With?

The biggest fear for business owners is usually having to shut down an entire area of their workplace due to repairs. This can slow down production and cost you money. We get all of that, and that is why we offer quick efficient work. What we can recommend when it comes to knowing what you are dealing with is that you don’t wait until the crack becomes a crater to call us! This will give you more options when it comes to getting it quickly repaired!

DeSoto Foundation Repair