If you are a business owner you will inevitably have to have your building’s foundation checked from time to time. Some areas are required to get this done by law. We can help you get that covered and signed off quickly and easily so you won’t face any potential penalties. Besides that, we also offer all of the services that we offer to regular homeowners. This obviously includes things like concrete slab repair and drainage repairs amongst others. If you need minor issues fixed we can help you buy tending to those issues during the most convenient times for you. In an effort to give our guys the chance to work in an environment that isn’t so chaotic and to try to avoid affecting the company’s production during our time working together!

Concrete Slab Repair

A lot of companies that are used to working with heavy materials or machinery are more prone to seeing cracks develop in the floors of their warehouses. Most of the time that we are called in to work on one of these issues the call comes from a private enterprise. We will try our best to get the issue fixed quickly and efficiently in order to disturb your operation as little as possible!

Root Barriers

Even corporate offices may use these services. If you want to have trees and shrubs as a decorative asset to the entrance of your building chances are you are going to be told to look into root barriers. We can come in and install them as the building and plants are being put in place or later down the line when you become worried about the potential issues these roots can bring. Along the same lines of the concrete slab repair, we are open to working on these types of projects at times when we would not disturb the workflow of your company.

Drainage Repair

If you run a hotel chances are you have come across some guests that love to flush things down the toilet that they maybe shouldn’t have. This makes these types of businesses more prone to having drainage issues just based on the number of bathrooms that one building can typically house. We can all agree that no one is going to want to stay at a hotel that has a nice drain water fountain! We can provide maintenance and emergency repair services to make sure that your business continues to run smoothly despite certain issues that you may encounter!

Free Estimate

Just because you run a successful business doesn’t mean that you are going to have to pay more for our services. You can have someone call us up as any client would and receive the same benefits and services at an affordable price. These services include our free estimate pledge. We can have a team of our guys visit you at your location and asses your current situation. They will provide an estimate considering the type of job that would need to be done and how extensive it would be.

DeSoto Foundation Repair