Root Barrier


Plants and trees can be great assets that adorn your driveway or the entrance to a building. Not to mention the fact that they can help you inject some cleaner air to your surroundings. Their roots though can be a menace to any surrounding concrete roads or even homes. You can help prevent these roots from reaching areas where they could potentially become threatening by installing root barriers. These are literally walls below ground that force the roots into growing in the direction that you need them to. Preventing a potential Foundation crack that could be caused by growing roots. We can install these in urban homes, buildings, and even in rural or agricultural lands.

Linear Application

These types of root barriers are literally two walls placed on both sides of the plant to force the roots to find a way to grow within these walls. This is one of the simplest forms of root barriers available. We usually apply these barriers to areas where the plants are located within a considerable distance of the concrete or structure that we are trying to protect. In this case, the roots still have a considerable space to continue to grow just fine. These types of barriers are great for preventing any unwanted roots from growing near certain areas.

Surround Application

In these types of root barriers, we build a rectangular box that closes in the roots. These types of roots barriers are great for trees or plants that are placed in very small patches of dirt that are mostly surrounded by concrete or asphalt. These barriers work almost like huge flower pots for big trees. The key in these types of barriers is installing them as deep as possible. In an attempt to block the plant from growing its roots underneath the barrier. We will, of course, give the plant enough room to grow roots deep enough to ensure it can continue to thrive!

Root Pruning

Just like branches, roots can grow to a bit uncomfortable lengths. In these cases, we can perform a service called root pruning before installing a barrier. This is literally cutting the roots to make sure that they remain within the barrier. We typically perform these services for people who want to install concrete structures in places that were predominated by grass or dirt. Trees were used to growing freely as they pleased, but now that growth can affect the concrete structures that will sit near them!

Unique Root Barriers

If you are looking for a large scale project chances are we won’t only use a single method in the whole project. Each tree or plant will need its own special barrier. Thankfully root barriers come in all shapes and sizes and can be adapted to your specific needs. If you are thinking of laying down an asphalt or concrete path or even building a home in what once was rural land then we can help set out a prevention plan to make sure that preexisting trees and plants can co-exist with the new structures.

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